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Pull your motor with the Happy Hooker, the easiest and most popular way to dislodge your powerplant from the engine compartment.

The Air Pump Delete Kit.  The best selling kit to rid your C4 Vette of its air pump.

No longer available
  This is the ultimate spark plug with its revolutionary firing technology, it provides multiple spark paths to deliver the most powerful spark.  The four ground electrodes provide optimal access to the air/fuel mixture for the most efficient combustion, plus a much long performance life. Only Bosch uses a pure platinum center electrode thats heat fused to reach its self-cleaning temperature faster, for better acceleration, better mileage, and optimum engine performance.  The electrode gap is factory-set and never requires adjustment.  These plugs are sold individually for L98 TPI cars with iron heads. No image available
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*Note that prices are subject to change without notice.
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For stainless steel exhaust for any application, see our friends at American Racing Headers.

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