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Pull your motor with the Happy Hooker, the easiest and most popular way to dislodge your powerplant from the engine compartment.

The Air Pump Delete Kit.  The best selling kit to rid your C4 Vette of its air pump.

  FFF David Vizard Seminar

    David Vizard is a world renowned expert on engine design and development for automotive and marine applications.

    This seminar not only deals with the design and optimization of individual components but also it uniquely deals with what makes successful combinations and that is a subject that just about no-one else seems to want to tackle.

    Finding successful combinations over a short time scale will be a determining factor as to whether you are a successful performance/race engine builder in today's highly competitive environment. Nowhere is the combinations situation more problematical than the selection of valve event timing from the cam. In this part of the seminar, Vizard will shoot down may widely held beliefs. From here he will lead into tech that will advance your state of knowledge to that of the country’s best professionals within the cam industry, and is some cases beyond. This knowledge will allow you to optimize a cam selection within 3 or less try's but more than likely the first attempt will out-power whatever selection you have already made. Also influential are port and valve sizing, low lift flow versus high lift flow, rod length versus CR - intake to exhaust flow ratio's, fuel strategies and so on.

    This 2-day seminar sponsored by Goodson, will take place at the TPiS facility in Chaska Minnesota on Sept 10-11th 2011.  Price is $350.00.  Don't miss this opportunity to obtain a distinct advantage over your compition.
Click here to check out his credentials, here for a look at whats included, and here to register.


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