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Pull your motor with the Happy Hooker, the easiest and most popular way to dislodge your powerplant from the engine compartment.

The Air Pump Delete Kit.  The best selling kit to rid your C4 Vette of its air pump.

Parts for 1997 Corvette
$65.99 ea.
This filter fits Corvettes from 85-89 and 97-04

$279.95 ea.
Originally designed and engineered by TPiS and the

$89.95 ea.
An adjustable fuel pressure regulator is an easy w

$79.95 ea.
This housing kit is manufactured in-house from bil

$829.95 ea.
For LS engines above 600hp, the F.A.S.T. intake pr

$149.95 ea.
For the stock 75MM LS throttle body, we CNC cut th

$479.95 ea.
For the biggest cubic inch LS motors, our 90MM "Ca

$110.00 ea.
For those of you who push the engine hard and need

$175.00 ea.
The LS1 engines have a bit of a PCV problem.  

$69.95 ea.
The quickest, easiest way to remove valve springs

$8.95 ea.
When changing valve springs when the heads are on

$74.95 ea.
The ultimate engine removal tool.  We origina

$45.95 ea.
Used as a diagnostic tool or tuning aid, this gaug

$0.00 ea.
This kit is a must if you are to accurately degree

$425.95 ea.
To start our line of LS cams, this ZL9 cam was des

$425.95 ea.
Built for incredible low and mid-range torque, thi

$425.95 ea.
A well mannered street cam for smaller 5.3L to 5.7

$425.95 ea.
Our most popular LS cam for hot rod application, t

$425.95 ea.
This cam has a little more duration than the ZL11x

$425.95 ea.
Designed for 6.2L and bigger and 11.0 to 1 and hig

$425.95 ea.
Steppin' up to some real power, this aggressive ca

$425.95 ea.
Stepping up from the ZL13, this extremely aggressi

$425.95 ea.
This knock down, drag out, rock-n-roll King of the

$395.95 ea.
Light weight hi-performance solid roller lifter fo

$189.95 ea.
Factory premium hydraulic roller lifters fit all r

$129.95 ea.
These 5/16 hardened pushrods are 7.4" long and are

$179.95 ea.
Light weight titanium LS retainers for our

$49.95 ea.
Premium hardened spring seats made of 4130 chrome

$1900.00 ea.
Dart aluminum cylinder heads for GM LS series V8 s

$1900.00 ea.
Dart aluminum cylinder heads for GM LS series V8 s

$209.95 ea.
These silicon vanadium constructed springs are str

$165.95 ea.
Beehive springs reduce the mass near the tip of th

$449.95 ea.
  These 36lbs/hr Bosch injectors are wha

$525.00 ea.
  Have a Street thumpin' or track terror

$12.95 ea.
Made from original spec rubber compounds, these &n

$5.95 ea.
  This handy little piece of steel is id

$4.95 ea.
  Used primarily for capping an O2<

$18.95 ea.
  These TPIS oxygen sensor extensions us

$399.95 ea.
  This A/C Delco PCM works with 97-98 Co

$99.95 ea.
  Used to tell the computer how far down

$0.00 ea.
  Bosch platinum plugs have been the sta

$29.95 ea.
  If you need to troubleshoot injector p

$59.95 ea.
  Most factory engines operate at higher

$197.95 ea.
  These Canton Aluminum coolant reservoi

$99.95 ea.
  Automotive Racing Products are simply

$28.95 ea.
  Automotive Racing Products are simply

$499.95 ea.
  With more power comes more heat. This

$225.95 ea.
  When it comes to holding down heads an

$169.95 ea.
  When it comes to holding down heads an

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